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Begin your journey to a well-maintained home with a comprehensive consultation. Experts will assess your home and provide a detailed report. No strings attached!


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Based on our thorough consultation, we design a customized service plan for your entire home, ensuring it stays in top condition throughout the year.


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Once you join, our team gets to work! After each service, you'll have access to a "House Care Report" with photos and videos that aid in increasing your home's value.


What Our Customers Say

Your trust is our greatest achievement. Hear from our family of satisfied homeowners about their House Care experience. From the initial consultation to the final touch-ups, learn how we've made a difference in homes and lives across the community.


Why Choose House Care?

Not only do we ensure your home is always at its best, but with our unique "House Care Report", you'll have a complete record of all maintenance tasks performed. Think of it as a CarFax for your home, enhancing its value and appeal when it's time to sell.


The House Care Promise

Your peace of mind is our priority. If our work falls short, we'll return and set it right, on us. Because at House Care, we're not happy until you are.

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